Rumiano Cheese is the oldest family-owned cheese company in California. Our producer partners are multi-generational dairy farmers located in one of the finest milk sheds in the world, the Redwood Coast of California. Rumiano and its farms are committed to safety and sustainability, and to assuring the highest quality products for the customers and families who enjoy it. Our products come from the milk of the happiest, healthiest cows cared for and respected by these farms.


Rumiano’s state of the art cheese-making facility in Crescent City, California is one of these most advanced in the country. And, the dedication and decades of expertise that go into our deep heritage of cheese making is legendary.

Our Rumiano Holiday online store is our way of offering you the finest curated artisan products made by us, and by other family owned artisan makers as well. All are located in California or in nearby Oregon. We will carefully package and ship anywhere in the country.  



Thank you for considering our curated offerings for you, your family, friends, business, or professional associates. Many of our customers host virtual get-togethers and events as we’ve learned new ways to socialize and collaborate.

The Rumiano family awaken each day in the rich temperate climate of the north coast of California, and go to work to produce the finest cheese, butter and ghee possible. Many of our Rumiano people have been with us for 20, 30, or even 40+ years. Some are second and third generation team members. Our farmers work 365 days a year. There is never a break from milking and caring for their cows. We hope that we are able to share the fruits of of all our labor and those of our artisan partners with you and those you care about soon.